Saturday, 12 November 2011

Film Review: Kissing Cousins

  • Name: Kissing Cousins
  • Released: UK - 11th March 2008
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Duration: 98 mins
  • Director: Amyn Kaderali
  • Writer: Amyn Kaderali
  • Stars: Samrat Chakrabarti, Rebecca Hazlewood Rachael C. Smith & Lauren Stamile
My Review:
First things first, I commend Amyn Kaderali for making one hilarious film. It's funny and it's unique - there aren't many films with this sort of story line out on the market. Also, the mixture of Indian, American and British makes an unusual combination but, weirdly, it works!
But (now for the BIG but) although many things about this film made me fall in love with the acting from the likes of Samrat Chakrabarti, it made me dislike  Rebecca Hazelwood. I'm going just to put it bluntly, she cannot act for toffee. Whoever cast her as one of the main characters that is supposed to make us feel a really special connection through the screen between her character - Zara and Amir, she ruins it for me. Her acting seems very, very fake. Also, some advice for Kaderali, next time change your casting crew and editing crew because both let Kaderali down. When we first meet Amir's mother, you can really, really tell that what we are hearing is recorded and (badly) put in with her mouth.
Another improvement point is that I thought the ending was poor. I don't think that big a thing was made of Bridget earlier in the film which I think is what made this film falter at the end ever-so-slightly.
However, having complained bitterly about the casting and editing of this film I think that the story line and the way that us, as the audience, get that real sense of connection with Amir which I think by far stands out as the best actor in this film. I also think that Amyn Kaderali deserves some serious credit for this film as I love the constant connections and hidden links within the film and the comedy element brought a smile to my face.
Overall Rating: 3.3/5
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